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09/02/07 by Ghostface
What the hell is up ?

That is the question everyones asking.
No update since X-Mas, is the game (it's still a game and not a mod you know :P ) dead ?

The answer is... of course it's NOT.

Did you really think that I am going to let all the work done on this die ?
NO, I certainly won't.

Anyway lots of stuff happened in my life. Finishing school, army, getting a job, breaking up with my girlfriend, moving out into my own flat, getting back together with my girlfriend, being busy as hell and working myself to death at my job, you name it.

Anyway its time to get back to active nos development however the developing concept changed a little.

I learned a lot and thus plans have changed.
I spent lots of time coding uber cool awesome stuff into nos that wasn't 100% perfect or unstable and whatnot. This resulted in a very unstable build with lots of unfinished code junks.

I always wanted to release an awesome first release with 10000 of cool features and whatnot delaying the release endlessly.

Anyway, here's the new development plan:

First of all we are going to release a board internal beta, which will feature the important parts and gameplay elements.
Everyone will be able to participate and test it, giving feedback on what sucks and whats cool. We can balance everything out and test stuff.

Lots of (auto)updates with short development cycles will then be released and tested by you. You should then give us feedback about what needs improvement, what's good etc.

Please note that I am not going to recode all already coded features and elements from scratch but rather merge the code from the unfinished/unstable nos build, then improve/finish the code and release it for testing.

We are then going 100% public once we reach version 1.0 which means a balanced and feature rich version of nos.

So the first beta version of nos will hit soon but will most likely not include awesome weapon sounds, advanced physics etc.

Please note that this doesn't mean that the first board beta will suck :P

I would like to thank all the people and board users at this point for supporting us for this long, and sorry again for the last months of silence.

Btw. even though I haven't done that much the last month, a couple of team members still worked on content for nos, including brand new player models :)

Stay tuned