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09/24/07 by Ghostface
I can´t believe my eyes!

Hi folks, and welcome to our yearly mediaupdate..
WTF? Sad but true: Almost a year passed since our last media-update on 10/04/06. Some of you might remember the time when we had weekly news-updates. Another big thanks at this point for supporting us by the way :) .
The good news: Although development went on quite.. erm.. slow.. it did never stop. I am working my a** off in the few spare time I get, and also the 3d department including some freelancers keep on producing high quality game art. Thus we though its time to show you at least a little something after all the last news updates without new media.
Lets start with a brand new vampire playermodel named Spike - modeled and textured by Alessandro Briglia working as freelancer for our team (should it look or sound like any familiar character you might know from a certain TV-Series or the much better spinoff; I can assure you that it's in noooo way intentional and purely accidental.. ;) ).

Image Image

Also we are hoping to end this long break of media updates and delivery you at least a couple of new pics in the following weeks.
Btw. thank TheFrog4u who prepared the renders and the first draft of this news update (and not to mention re-unwrapped and rigged the spike model). I rather spent the few time I have on coding for nos than writing news updates (and believe it or not but preparing news-updates takes away alot of time).

Let me again shout out a BIG thank you to all the fans and all my team members who are still supporting Nosferatu eventhough I had very little time for it the past months due to the stuff explained in my previous news post.

If you are lucky I (and maybe even some other team members) might even find some time to write some inside scope in my .plan.